Fiberglass Work

Need fiberglass repair?

fiberglass repair

Are you wondering whether we can repair your boat to look as if there was no new skin using less time and low rates? YES, then you are at the right place. Our company (SD boat stores) ensures we offer you the best services available in the market because customer satisfaction is the pivot of our organization. We have a well-equipped repair facility which is operated by fiber glass work repair certified professionals. The company is located at San Diego area serving the southern California area.

We understand it is annoying to stare at your damaged fiberglass boat. But we can assure you that even if the skin is highly damaged our technicians are up to the task. Before we embark on repair we thoroughly assess the damage and discuss the results with you accordingly. It is also important to know that the repaired parts durability is almost if not equal to that of other parts so no cause for worry.

We offer a variety of repairs raging from structural to cosmetic fiber glass work repairs. These high quality repairs can be applied to damages like skin scratches and dings to great damages resulting from core wood rot or even impact. We are telling you will be astonished by the look of your newly repaired boat no patches just the way it was before damage.

Feel free to call and talk to our technicians about fiber glass work repairs. You can also book a scheduled service from time to time with our technicians. Also, if your boat is still docked in water don’t worry because we can get it for you. Our team makes sure it involves you in every step they undertake during repair; so, if you want something to be done differently they easily meet your demands. We are looking forward to working with you.

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