It is starting to thaw out from the harsh winter that we all have experienced. When the temperature starts to rise so does the fever to hit the water. It doesn’t matter what type of watersport we enjoy the most there are some very important steps that we have to take to prepare our boating equipment for the spring and summer outings that we are looking so forward to. The first thing we must do is put our water sporting equipment through a very precise checkup. The most important thing we must check are our marine motors. Weather we have inboard or outboard a tune-up is a must. We need our equipment to be in top working order before we hit the water. After all we do not want to spend all of our time on our first outing to accomplish this.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is preparing our motors for the winter storage. We have a hard time getting them going because the correct steps were not taken before we stored them for the winter.This is where a tune-up solves most of your headaches and gets you ready for your watersports enjoyment. You really need to leave this task to your boat store or boat dealer. Take your boat or any other water pleasure craft to get that tune-up that could save you from being stranded. I have been stranded on a dead boat overnight and that is something you do not want to experience.

These mechanics can give you what you need. It is very important to cleanse your carburetor to get rid of all the gummed up fuel that remains from your winter storage. This will help your engine run more efficiently. Also it doesn’t matter how big or small your engine is a fresh set of plugs will step up your performance. Take these easy steps now so you can really enjoy later!