Yearly Maintenance

yearly maintenance

Like all mechanical devices and vehicles, boats are complex, with a number of parts that need to be fault free if the boat has to operate without any kind of mishap or breakdown. Unlike a vehicle accident on land, where other motorists may offer help, it is difficult to get any kind of assistance in case a boat accident takes place, since most boats are at sea or other water body, and will sink fast before any help can reach them. Hence it is important to have regular maintenance for boats of all sizes which will prevent accidents from taking place.

For boats, yachts, hovercrafts, ships, having a yearly maintenance contract is probably the most cost effective option for early diagnosis of faults and repairs. The company offering boat repair services is usually an authorized service center for major suppliers of marine parts such as Suzuki, Mercury and Volvo Pentair, and this ensures that their staff is both well equipped and well trained with knowledge of the latest technologies for marine parts. The marine firm should have the necessary expertise and tools for both inboard and outboard repairs.

For the yearly maintenance, the marine firm will inspect the boat periodically usually once a month, bimonthly or quarterly depending on the terms of the contract. They will check if all the parts of the boat, especially the engine is working as per the quality standards after conducting some tests on the engine. In case the test results are not satisfactory, repairs will have to be carried out on the engine and other parts, till the results meet the quality guidelines. The yearly maintenance also involving cleaning the various components to remove the accumulated sediment and dirt, and applying lubricants to reduce the friction, and ensure high efficiency as well as increased safety.